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  GBE Packaging stocks all types of tape dispensers for hand use or table top.  Padded Mailers, Self Sealing Paper Envelopes, Corrugated Mailers from GBE Packaging a Division of Gift Basket Expressions, Milwaukee  GBE Packaging stocks thousands of wholesale packaging supplies, corrugated shipping boxes, corrugated trash boxes, corrugated mailers, padded mailers, packing tape, and cushioning material.    

Wholesale Packaging Supplies - Corrugated Shipping Boxes - Corrugated Products

GBE Packaging stocks thousands of wholesale packaging supplies, corrugated shipping boxes, corrugated trash boxes, corrugated mailers, padded mailers, packing tape, and cushioning material. Our wholesale packaging supplies are of the finest quality and our volume sales as a distributor gets you the best price. We have over 1000 sizes of stock cardboard shipping boxes in stock and available to ship to you today. GBE Packaging constantly searches the packaging industry for the corrugated products you need to represent and protect your products or valuable merchandise. We only sell high quality corrugated boxes and you can be sure any box we sell does meet industry standards. We also have multi sized boxes, telescoping, anti-static boxes and disposable trash containers. Quite an extensive assortment of corrugated boxes to choose from, such as reusable styrofoam insulated boxes to anti-static foam lined boxes, but maybe your products would look better in a white box, corrugated mailer or a poly coated paper bag with a window. We have some of the lowest prices for dvd/cd mailer boxes and reverse tuck cartons.

Over 1000 sizes of Corrugated Boxes so you can find the right box that fits your requirements! We can help you find the right size box for your needs and suggest any void fill or packaging supplies that will help you pack or ship your contents safely. We can arrange for your boxes to be delivered right to your door. Our shipping boxes are all at least 200 lbs. test with a 32 lb. edge crush test. (ECT) Our wardrobe boxes are 275 lb. test boxes with double wall construction so you know your valuable clothing will be protected in our wardrobe boxes. Our dish pack boxes are 350 lbs test with double wall construction. We want your dishes and china to be safe in our dish pack boxes. Need Bigger Boxes - No Problem - We have master cartons, super shippers, bulk cargo containers and gaylords! Our gaylord boxes go up to 600 lb. test and some people even buy them for house and garage storage as well as backyard play houses. They fold up flat when not in use. We now have used gaylord boxes available that are perfect for the bindery, salvage yards and scrap bins.

Compare Prices and Save Money! If we save you five or ten cents a box and you buy 5,000 or 10,000 boxes a year you're savings are obvious. Corrugated box mailers are super strong yet lightweight to save on postage expenses. All with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our only goal is to save you money. Special low local delivery rates for the Chicago area and Southern Wisconsin! WE DON'T HIDE SHIPPING CHARGES IN OUR PRICES. We offer low shipping rates and fast delivery on all of our packaging supplies. Our shopping cart provides live real-time quotes direct from our carriers so you know we are not over charging you.

If you do not find what you need on this website. We have an additional product line available at our sister website or  You will need to register on the new site as we could not transfer customer data automatically but it should only take a minute to register.

GBE Packaging constantly searches the packaging industry for the cardboard shipping boxes and corrugated products you need daily.

Lowest Packaging Prices.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

No Minimums or Service Charges.

No Handling fee's or Extra Charges.

No Hassles or Gimmicks -
              just great prices for packaging.

  GBE Packaging

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GBE Packaging has economy extended core stretch film and handy wrap rolls available for same day shipping.
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Over 1000 Sizes and All Styles of Cardboard Boxes - Moving Boxes - Printers Boxes - Master Cartons - Super Shippers - Insulated Shipping Boxes - Telescoping Boxes - Air Freight Cargo Containers - File Storage Boxes - Multi Depth Boxes and Many More. Stock Corrugated Shipping Boxes - Great pricing for over 1000 sizes of stock shipping boxes. Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies are available for less at GBE Packaging. - We have dish pack boxes and wardrobe boxes ready to ship to you today. Super Strong File Storage Boxes can be Stacked up to Six High. • Heavy duty, triple end, double side, double bottom construction stacks up stronger and withstands frequent handling. These white cartons are the industry standard! All of our white boxes are constructed from strong 200#/32ect, white corrugated cardboard.
 Boxes - All Styles Low Cost - Stock Boxes  Moving Boxes File Storage Boxes White Boxes
Insulated Shipping Boxes - Reliable for maintaining the insulation and integrity of your product! Any products that present unique shipping difficulties due to temperature constraints can be shipped safely. • Economical — shippers are lightweight, reusable and recylcable! Ice Brix Freezer Gel Packs are the ultimate in refrigerant packs. Colder than Ice. RE-FREEZ-R-BRIX™ is a block of rigid foam that holds its shape frozen or thawed and is reusable. These refrigerants are non-toxic, sealed in a heavy plastic pouch, and are rated the best in foam refrigerants. Other products just don’t compare. Corrugated Mailers - Bookfolds - Square Mailing Tubes - Garment Mailers - Literature Mailers - CD / DVD Mailers - Bin Boxes - Pallet Cones and More! Bin Boxes - Open Top Bin Boxes - Stackable Bin Boxes - Jumbo Open Top Bin Boxes - White Bin Boxes Corrugated Carrying Case with Plastic Handles. Featuring inside side flaps and front outside tuck closure. • Maximum protection for your most important documents.
Insulated Shipping Boxes Freezer Gel Packs Corrugated Mailers Bin Boxes Carry Case w/ Handle
Chipboard Pads - Layer Sheets - Corrugated Sheets - Pallet Covers - Chipboard by the Case. Reverse Tuck Boxes - Large selection of chipboard cartons and boxes, used for all kinds of products and parts.  Mailing Envelopes - Paperboard Mailers - White Tab-Lock Paperboard Mailers - White Self-Seal Catalog Style Mailers CD / DVD Sleeves - Tyvek CD Mailers - Practical alternative to flimsy and thin paper or Tyvek cd sleeves, These CD Mailers offer you superior shipping damage protection. Poly Mailers - Mailing Bags - Poly Mailers Self-Seal - Bubble Lined Poly Mailers.
Chipboard Pads - Layer Sheets Reverse Tuck Cartons Mailing Envelopes CD / DVD Sleeves Poly Mailers
Self-Seal Mailers - Cohesive strips secure bags quickly and easily saving both time and money. Recycled cushioning fiber padding inside bag absorbs shock and protects contents from damage during shipping. • End flap is coated with a natural rubber adhesive that only sticks to itself. Padded Mailers - Puncture and moisture resistant mailers keep items safe during shipping. Interior fibers expand as packager is handled for consistent cushioning. No additional cushioning is required. Bubble Mailers - Lightweight bubble mailers save on postage costs. Mailers are constructed from attractive, 100% recycled, golden kraft paper, with high slip 3/16 inch bubble for easy product insertion. Self-Seal with convenient, tamper evident, peel and stick lip. Jumbo Fold-Over Mailers - Great for oversize posters and portfolios. Jumbo fold over mailers fully open for easy packing and unpacking of materials. Place product, fold flaps and seal. Strong 32ECT-B oyster white corrugated construction. Corrugated Mailing Tubes - Use economical kraft mailing tubes for document storage or mailing.
Self-Seal Mailers Padded Mailers Bubble Mailers Jumbo Fold Over Mailers Corrugated Mailing Tubes
UPS-able Bubble Rolls - Same great bubble protection in shorter length rolls! Takes less space than regular rolls. Available non-perforated or cross perforated every 12inches for easy tear off. Easy to manage lengths for low volume or retail applications. Bubble Rolls - Nothing cushions like a blanket of air! • Bubble makes an excellent cushion and void-fill. - 3/16" for small items - Light cushioning. - 5/16" for medium items - General purpose cushioning. - 1/2" for large items - For dunnage and void fill. Available non-perfed or cross perforated every 12" for easy tear off. Bubble Pouches - No more wrapping. Self-Seal bubble pouches have a 1 1/2" lip and tape seal. Made with high slip 3/16" bubble. Simply insert product into the bubble pouch, peel tape and seal!. Bubble Dispenser Packs - Convenient dispensing packs for low volume or work station use. 3/16", 5/16" and 1/2" height bubble dispensers are portable around the warehouse. Dispensers are perforated every 12" for easy tear off. Huge 48" wide rolls of bubble available in UPSable dispenser packs. Anti-Static Bubble - Provides both cushioning and static protection for electronic components.
UPS-able Bubble Bubble - Full Size Rolls Bubble Pouches Bubble Dispenser Packs Anti-Static Bubble Rolls
Poly Foam Rolls - Non-abrasive, lightweight Foam is filled with thousands of cushioning air cells to protect your product. Made with quality polyethylene foam. Provides light cushioning and surface protection. Moisture resistant. Shock absorbing foam protects delicate items. Cohesive Foam Rolls Make your own custom foam pouches. Cohesive foam only sticks to itself, not to your product. Will not leave a residue. Made with quality 1/16" polyethylene foam. Set product on foam then fold and press sides for a custom fit. Cross perforated for easy tear off. Flush Cut Foam Pouches - Non-abrasive, polyethylene air foam cut and sealed to form a convenient lightweight bag! Great small parts protection. Anti-Static and custom size pouches available. Made from 1/8" polyethylene foam. Poly Foam Dispenser Packs - Foam cushioning in a convenient dispenser pack!. Lightweight foam keeps product protected and clean. Portable dispenser pack is great for workstation use. Anti-Static Foam Rolls - Protects static sensitive electronic components from static discharge. • Pink anti-static polyethylene foam. Available non-perforated or cross perforated every 12" for easy tear off. Keeps products clean, non-abrasive and static free. Moisture resistant.
Poly Foam Rolls Poly Foam Rolls - Cohesive Poly Foam Pouches Poly Foam Dispenser Packs Anti-Static Poly Foam Rolls
Packing Peanuts - Loose Fill - 100% biodegradable and completely compostable. Anti-static. Sourced and made in the USA. It's strong, resistant to heat and cold, is anti-static and virtually dust free. Packing Peanut Dispensers - Squeeze the spring-loaded scissors to release the right amount of peanuts. Includes rope and two pulleys. Durable, rot resistant canvas bag has reinforced flexible tubing attached. Dispenses all types of loose fill. Mounts to warehouse ceiling. Singleface Corrugated Protective Wraps - Flexible Singleface Corrugated conforms to all shapes and sizes. Singleface is kraft A flute corrugated. Use to protect metal and glass parts. 1/4" flutes provide shock absorbing cushioning. Shipping Labels - All Styles - Styles Include Anti-Static Labels, Arrow Labels, Bilingual Labels, D.O.T. Hazard Class Labels, Fragile, Rush, and Many More Shipping Labels. Packing List Envelopes - Pres-Quick® pressure sensitive envelopes are the industry standard for quality performance. Specially formulated hot melt adhesive insures instant bonding to boxes, cases, tubes and other containers. Back Loader style keeps documents secure in transit because they cannot be removed without destroying the envelope. Made in the U.S.A.
Packing Peanuts - Loose Fill Packing Peanut Dispensers Corrugated Protective Wrap Shipping Labels - All Styles Packing List Envelopes
Anti-Static Labels - Caution Electrostatic Sensitive Devices- Do Not Open or Handle Except at a Static Free Workstation Label. Made in the USA Labels - Several styles of Made in the USA labels to choose from we have a large selection of shipping labels ready to ship to you today. D.O.T / Hazard Class Labels - All styles of D.O.T / Hazard Class Labels available at GBE Packaging Supplies in Chicago and Milwaukee. Bilingual Labels for the Shipping and Packaging Industry. Manila Shipping Tags - Sturdy wire holds tags securely to items being shipped. Reinforced hole prevents wire from ripping the tag.
Anti-Static Labels Made In USA Labels D.O.T. Hazard Class Labels Bilingual Labels Manila Shipping
Inventory Tags
Kraft Paper - Excellent for wrapping boxes, parts or for layering. A natural void-fill. Made from 100% recycled fibers. Kraft Paper is bio-degradable and easily recyclable. Newsprint Wrapping Paper - Economical void-fill. A great stuffer! • Unprinted newsprint is made from 100% recycled paper. Available sheeted or in rolls. Bogus Kraft Paper - Bogus Kraft Paper is a soft economical void fill. Bogus kraft paper is made from a combination of recycled fibers and newsprint. White Tissue Paper - Economical void-fill. A great stuffer! Indented Kraft Paper - Soft, absorbent Indented Kraft Paper bounces back after repeated impacts during shipping. • Used in wrapping, interleaving or great as a void fill. Naturally bio-degradable and recyclable. Made from 100% recycled material (newspapers).
Kraft Wrapping Paper Clean Newsprint Bogus Kraft Paper Clean Tissue Paper Indented Kraft Paper
Poly Coated Kraft Paper - Poly coated kraft paper protects products from water, oil, dust and grease damage. • 10 lbs. gloss poly coating on one side. Use to protect metal products. 50 lbs. virgin kraft paper. Waxed Paper - Waxed Paper protects products from oil, greaseand moisture. •100% virgin kraft paper. Non-abrasive protection. Waxed on both sides. VCI Paper - Sheets & Rolls - Use Volatile Corrosive Inhibiting (VCI) paper to cover or wrap metal parts or surface. One square foot of VCI Paper for every one cubic foot of packaging area is recommended. Completely wrap for maximum protection. Chemically treated paper continuously vaporizes creating an environment that blocks out rust, corrosion and oxidation. Butcher Paper - Strong White all purpose Butcher Paper. FDA Approved. Freezer Paper - Strong White all purpose Freezer Paper. FDA Approved. 40# paper with 5# LDPE coating.
Poly Coated Kraft Paper Waxed Paper VCI Paper Butcher Paper Freezer Paper
Roll Paper Dispensers - Mounts permanently on a wall, under a counter or on a countertop using the supplied rubber feet. Dispenses and cuts paper smoothly. Honeycomb Pallet Runner - holds up to 4000 lbs. per pair (144/pallet) is available for purchase in increments of 144 Pallet Cones - Prevent double-stacking of your freight orders. Easily strap or tape to the top of the pallet. Ships flat, easy to store. Multilingual : English , Spanish & French. Pallet Bands - Extra Large Rubber Bands for pallet stablization and used in the moving industry to secure just about everything in the moving trucks during transportation. Can be used to secure moving blankets over chairs and tables, couches and more. Rubber Bands - Superior stretch makes banding a wide variety of items convenient. Economical bands are reusable.
Roll Paper Dispensers Honeycomb Pallet Runners Pallet Cones Pallet Bands Rubber Bands
Carton Sealing Tapes - All Styles of Carton Sealing tapes and Masking Tape, Duct Tape, Acrylic Tape,Hot Melt Tape, Labeling Tape, Tape Tape and Sealers and Much More! Tape Dispensers - Many Styles of Tape Dispensers to choose from at GBE Packaging Supplies. Bag Taper and Bag Tapes - Tape bags closed in seconds! Twist neck of bag closed and move through slot. Strapping Tape - Strong poly strapping tape is great for bundling. Stretches over 40%. Also used to secure pallets. Aisle Marking Tape - Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tape Resists Oil, Grease, Moisture, Solvents and Scuffs. Black/Yellow - Physical Hazard, Red/White - Fire Equipment, White - Housekeeping, Black/White - Traffic, Red - Caution, Yellow - Caution.
Carton Sealing Tapes Tape Dispensers Bag Taper & Bag Tape Tensilized Polypropylene
Strapping Tape
Safety Aisle Marking Tape
Plastic Bags & Sheeting - Provide excellent protection for everyday use at a great price. Hundreds of styles of poly bags and sheeting are available. Poly Bags on Roll - Industry standard core makes these bags 100% compatible with all automatic packaging equipment. • Bags are pre-opened at one end for easy insertion and pre-sealed at the other end. Work excellently in manual applications too. Close bags with twist ties or heat seal with impulse sealers. 100% virgin polyethylene, FDA and USDA approved. Poly Tubing - Add flexibility to your line without stocking a wide variety of bags. Make custom bags in seconds. • Cut the length you need, insert product and heat seal, staple, or tape at one or both ends. Made with 100% virgin low density polyeethylene, which makes it acceptable for use with food products. Impulse Sealers and Kits - Easy-to-use. Simply place bag between seal bars, press down and release! • All-in-one unit seals and cleanly cuts poly tubing in one easy step. Pallet Covers and Bin Liners - Large gusseted bags make great container liners and equipment covers. • Pre-cut bags are perforated on a roll for fast, easy dispensing.
Plastic Bags & Sheeting Plastic Bags on a Roll Poly Tubing Impulse Sealer Kits Pallet Covers & Bin Liners
Can Liners -  Our premium quality Aspen® high density liners provide heavy-duty construction for superior strength and value. Featuring a star seal bottom design, liners are offered in interleaved coreless rolls and packaged for convenient dispensing. Gloves - Vinyl Gloves, Powder Free Latex Gloves and More. Janitorial & Kitchen Supplies - Cleaning Products, Wipes and Towels, Cups, Plates, Knives, Spoons and Forks and much more. Microfibre Wipers and mops, microfibre mop handles and mop frames. WypAll Wipers - Reusable, long lasting performance. Available in both boxes and rolls. Ideal for all manufacturing and maintenance & repair. Cleans oil, grime, and solvents.
Can Liners Gloves Janitorial & Kitchen Supplies Microfibre Wipers WypAll Wipers
Shrink Film - Excellent transparency and gloss. Very high burnout resistance. High conformity of shrinkage to products – no ‘dog ears’. Wide range of shrink temperature. Extremely strong seals. Stretch Film - Blown and Cast Stretch Film Available. We have machine grade and hand grade stretch film ready to ship to you today. Order stretch film in 60,70,80, or 90 gauge depending on weight requirements. Extended Core Stretch Film - Economy Extended Core Stretch Film does not require a dispenser. Complete disposable hand wrap system. Completely portable around the warehouse. Quiet and ultra clear cast film. Extended Core Bundling Stretch Film - 5" long, disposable handle is built into each roll of extended core bundling stretch film. 1" diameter extended core for easy gripping. Fully ready to use out of the box. Faster, easier and more economical to use than strapping, tape or twine. Great for combining items for freight consolidation. Film will not leave a residue on your products. Strapping & Tools - Strapping Kits, Steel Strapping, Strapping Tools, Poly Cord Strapping, Polypropylene Strapping and Strapping Seals and Buckles.
Shrink Film Stretch Film Extended Core Stretch Film Extended Core Bundling
Stretch Film
Strapping & Tools

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Corrugated Trash Containers - Kraft (200-lb. Test / 32-lb. ECT) Provides additional temporary waste or recyclable collection. Handles on sides make it easy to transport and dispose of when filled. Ships and stores flat until needed. Uses a standard 40-gallon trash bag.   Insulated Styrofoam Shipping Boxes are built tough to last many shipping cycles. High quality sturdy insulated styro-foam shipping boxes are double the protection. Strong 200 Lb. test corrugated box is preassembled around a seamless tight fitting molded polystyrene body with lid that helps maintain a constant cool temperature.
Wholesale Shipping and Packaging Supplies - Corrugated Shipping Boxes - Corrugated Mailers - Mailing Envelopes and Tubes - Stretch Film